Hell Yeah, Mikey Shoes!

"It’s funny. Touring with Queens and being old friends of the band, people will say ‘Oh, this is Mike’s softer side.’ That’s just because you’re comparing it to another band. There’s nothing really soft about this band. It is a pretty dark band as far as pop music goes."

Michael Shuman

Central Track // In The House.

by Stephen Paul
Anonymous asked:
Your blog is so cool, lovin all the pics! :) i was wondering, do you know something about mikey's sentimental life? is he single or has a girlfriend? thanks xx

Thank you so much :) I know that he had a girlfriend, tall and pretty blonde, but I don’t know if he’s still with her. Probably yeah.

Anonymous asked:
is mikey's birthdate on wiki correct?

I think so.

Anonymous asked:
this is my most favorite blog in the entire world omg bless ur existence and bless mikey shoes

Ohh, you’re sweetie. Thank you so much! ;)